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Steven C.
United States
Absolute Game Changer!

I've had trouble for years falling asleep and staying asleep. These Medsana sleep gel caps have been an absolute game changer for me! Not only do they help me gently ease into sleep but they more importantly help me stay asleep throughout the night. They are now permanently part of my nightly routine! The BEST!

Leigh M.
United States United States
Sleepy Time!

I've tried EVERYTHING to help me fall asleep at night and I swear nothing works like Medsana's Sleep caps! 1000% recommend to anyone who has trouble falling and/or staying asleep!!!!

Tom M.
United States United States
Good night sleep

The Sleep Gel caps really do help me comfortably sleep through the night.

Roman G.
United States United States
Best Natural Sleep Ever

I've had trouble falling asleep for years with my active mind. I've tried melatonin, sleeping pills, everything. These sleep CBD gel caps are by far the best thing I've ever used to get naturally to sleep. I take 2 and after about half an hour I become ultra-relaxed and start to dip into natural sleep. It's nothing like taking sleeping pills or even NyQuil where it just knocks you out and you feel groggy as hell. I recommend these to everyone!

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